Thursday, April 29, 2010

Interview with Charlie Rubin

Name: Charlie Rubin
Birth Date: April, 1986
Nationality: American/Danish
Place of Residence: NYC

Who is Charlie Rubin?
This question makes me uncomfortable!

When and what made you decide you wanted to become a photographer and how did it all happen?
I think it was senior year of college, on a mushroom trip....just kidding!...I was taking a color printing class and really fell in love with the process and results. I realized it was something that I could seriously see myself pursuing.

Describe your work for someone who has never seen it before.
Bursts of energy, snapshots, crazy fantasy, visceral, memories, intense emotion, color and sound, "g train aesthetic", something new.

Do you have a muse/permanent inspiration? if so whom/what?
sunlight, musicians, movies, athletes, graffiti.

Who is your role model?
(more inspiration/influence than role model) it changes a lot, I'm really into photographer, Jason Nocito right now. Som other constant ones are Keith Haring and Basquiat...anyone really passionate and motivated.

Who would you be without your camera?
Nobody. Hmmm, a painter, or psychologist, or actor.

Volume is....
"All the way turnt up"

Guilty pleasures...
Cat Power and Zoe Deschanel

What kind of kid were you in high school?
I played soccer so I guess a jock but i was also a geek sometimes...a little of everything, definitely 'out there'. I always wanted to be the class clown but there was always a loud obnoxious kid in the class who i couldn't compete with.

What bands/singers are you currently listening to?
So much music, today i heard My Morning Jacket, A Tribe Called Quest, Uncles, Styles P.

What are you afraid of?

Get live

What are your up coming projects/exhibitions/plans?
Projects: I want to start making huge prints and spray paint them, maybe put some up on walls outside.
Exhibitions: I'm going to be in a group show at Space Womb Gallery (Long Island City, NY) in May.
Plans: stay focused
Other things: I do most of my photo work (printing and drawing) at night in my apartment. I still have an office job 4 days a week (my friend calls it the "European schedule"!). I need that job until i get some big breaks. (If you are reading THIS HOOK IT UP!!)