Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rosson Crow

Rosson Crow is known for her exuberant large-scale depictions of interiors that blend historical allusion and theatrical illusion. The paintings echo the good times of the past, with lush interiors that are always deserted, as if capturing the moment after a party has ended. The sense of loss is counterbalanced by the richness of textures, patterns, and references — and especially by vibrant, clashing colors, which display an irreverence to the subject-matter. The work also stands out for its hallucinogenic spaces, with interiors fracturing and distorting from realistic representation into abstraction and surrealism, and “teetering,” as she puts it, “between claustrophobic and agoraphobic.”
Crow also collaborated with Zac Posen designing bright bold floral prints for Posen's Spring/Summer 2010 collection.