Thursday, May 20, 2010

DAMIR DOMA is a high-fashion and luxury brand founded in 2006 by the designer Damir Doma and the Paper Rain Group. In a very short period of time DAMIR DOMA has become an established name among the great luxury brands in Paris.
DAMIR DOMA's ethereal designs are inspired by the fragile ephemeral quality of the human body, multiple expressions of identities, and evanescent impressions from ever-evolving surroundings. They explore interpretations of contemporary masculinity and femininity and express themselves in avant-garde silhouettes. Fusing the trinity of mind, body, and spirit with fabrics, colors, and shapes as disciples, the collections introduce the designer's personal aesthetic in the world of fashion. Draped silhouettes, flowing volumes, double layered attires, and soft tailoring, in exquisite and carefully selected fabrics, characterize DAMIR DOMA’s spheres.