Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just we Are - Phenum -

Reprazent - by Julio Ificada -

X trem - Phenum x Churchill

Iggyone - by Mik Bac -

Just we are - by 44flavours -

Macnum - by Julio Ificada -

Phenum is a crossover of passion: fashion, design, riding, music, photography and party, is above all a lifestyle they spread with textile and a slogan “ JUST WE ARE “.
The logo symbolizes these various ingredients: the prism refracts the light, reflects it or scatters it, Phenum’s one will also act with the cultural fuels, spreading the crew conceptions thanks to the garment, while protecting its underground and rare character.
Artists collective have for common motivation to edit limited t-shirts series with hard-hitting, puzzling, pleasant or shocking prints, and which will never leave insensible. No auto censorship or constraint is given, it is “Freedum Quest”, this quest guides the creation steps.
Every limited T-shirts series are printed or flock printed, labeled and numbered by hand in France.
Phenum’s word is limitless, as the designer’s open-mindedness.