Saturday, October 16, 2010

Daniele Panato | Interview

Name: Daniele Panato
Birth date: 21/06/1987 The longest day of the year... I love the sunshine!
Nationality: Italian
Profession: Student, Model, Photographer, Artist... I know, I'm kinda "Leonardian"
Place of Residence: Milan

Who is Daniele Panato?
ADV student that is trying to make art, working in that way with passion and broadcasting what I feel, and trying to make a large number of people experience the same feeling.

What started your passion for photography?... Did it start with a picture that you captured, if so what was it of?
My passion for photography started when I was a kid, taking photos with my old parent's reflex, an Olympus, and I had to concentrate, work in manual mode, I had to know what I was doing, be aware of the technique, because the film had to be processed, it was an expensive game. So, I began with portraits of relatives and landscapes. Then, when I grew up and digital cameras took the place of film reflex I started to take thousands of photos, learn, experiment, move forward... and here I am.

Describe your style of photography for someone who hasn't seen it before.
Deep, my aim is to touch people's feelings from the inside, know them and let them feel through my "
objets d'arts".

Do you have a muse/inspiration...if so whom/what?
I take inspiration from all the things around me, depends on the mood, but music, books and movies are the ones that give me the charge. It's like a sparkle that blows my ideas, and I start to see pictures, feel something in the deep... and usually I start to write. I write thoughts, mostly poetry, and this is my first level of inspiration, taking photos is my second level, and with all this I let my mind fly away, my heart starts pumping all sorts of feelings, and in my hand the brush starts buzzing.

Is there a particular subject you prefer taking pictures of?

What is one of the greatest lessons you have learned so far?

Believe in your dreams, never stop to do it, put passion in every situation, be modest, let the others judge, let the others feel.

What are you most afraid of?
Being alone and meantime surrounded by people...

"What matters most is how well you walk through the fire" (Charles Bukowski)

List 5 random facts about yourself.
Flamboyant, Dreamer, Megalomaniac, Nocturnal, Maddenind.

Volume is...
going to be louder.

Plans and or projects for the future?
I'm working on my first exposition. It is to be the representation of what I said about inspiration. An artistic work that I consider complete, based on a triangle. At its base, there is the full support of photography, as reality catcher (the rational part), and melting with the poetry (Emotional part), rises to the top of the triangle (the diamond point of the work) and only all together it makes sense, it surrounds you, it hits you, that for me this is a modern artwork. It has to be like a person, it has to have character, and character is formed by different parts, and together it is, it's capable to talk with you, to let you feel, and it can like you or not. :)
Location: center zone of Milan, hosted by "Coffee spa" via giardino, 2. Right behind Piazza Duomo, starting November.