Sunday, October 9, 2011


BLOG NAME: Cinderella (
NAME: Jenny
AGE: 24
LOCATION: Switzerland

Explain your blog for someone who has never seen it before.
It is basically a place where I post everything that inspires me, it is really a creative outlet of mine. My posts range from pictures of my outfits, fashion shows that I link, personal holiday pictures to random fashion inspiration that I collect all over and put together in a way that is beautiful to me.

Blog names are for the most part very creative and unique. Tell us how you came up with yours?
My second name is cindy and so I came to think of cinderella. I like it despite the kitchy sound of it and disney reference. Fashion to me is imagining and escaping into a world where one can express oneself freely and anything is possible. Cinderella reminds me of fairy tales and dressing up - and esentially that's what the blog is to me. A place where I can share my fashion adventures and where I can be anyone I want.

How and what made you start blogging?
I first discovered fashion blogs in 2006 and loved the idea of seeing what people around the world are wearing. Seeing how other people play with trends, styles and high street fashion, really gave me the confidence to develop my own style and to wear what I feel most comfortable with. I then started my own blog 2007 as a way to express my inspirations and to share my outfits. I am still really enjoying it even though I don't have time to post as frequently as I used to anymore due to my studies.

What would you say the mission for your blog is? What do you hope to teach/show your viewers?
I don't aim to change anything with my blog. To be honest my blog is mainly for me, so I don't blog with the reader directly in mind. Of course I try to make the posts appealing and interesting but first of all it has be "me". However, I do hope that people that visit my blog get inspried to wear what they like.

Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do/did you do before blogging?
I am a full time student studying international management and will move to Japan in September for a study year abroad. Needless to say I am beyond thrilled for this adventure and can't wait for it to start. 


List five random facts about yourself.
- I have a boy cat named King.
- I am a big manga geek
- Cooking is my therapy, after a stressful day there's nothing I enjoy more than preparing a good homecooked meal.
- I have 4 sisters.
- I almost never change my bag - I keep using the same one for ages because I get so used to it.

List 3 of your favorite blogs that you follow.
Vanillascented ( )
Mode d'Amour ( )
Fashion Squad ( )

What does the word Volume mean to you?
One unit of a recurring series. A volume is part of something bigger and gains value if you collect it - something beautiful.