Sunday, June 27, 2010


Coinonia is the fashion label of Kiho Kim from Korea and Momoko Hashigami from Japan. They both used to work at Antonio Marras where they met. Mixing and integrating two styles and characters they established their own label in 2009 in Milan. The name is inspired by the Greek concept of “Koinonia”:sharing, relationship, and communication. It is an idealized state of relationship, encapsulating the idea of harmonized participation, is a label of two designers collaborating as a team while sharing their creativity, passion, and phylosophy.
Coinonia creates fresh and contemporary garments and accessories for the creative woman. All the collection pieces are first draped on the mannequins to be given a life and a story by hand under a seasonal concept. Experimental and architectural shape, dynamic cutting, and sensitive details and colors are then introduced to define their characters. Narrative and conceptual mood is always there as the essence of their works. Feminine but masculine, still but dynamic, tender but hard… These contradictions are the source of their creation to be mingled and give a birth to a new design.