Saturday, June 26, 2010

Obscur -Richard Soderberg-

Obscur is built on a self-evident principle regarding the design – a garment’s true value can only be fully recognized when it is being worn. Richard Soderberg creates the clothes after absorbing the spirit of the dark and misty landscapes of his home country, Scandianavia.
Obscure is not about being drawn to extremes, but rather an urge to refine classic silhouettes to perfection.
Richard is to some extent trying to create all-round key garments that can easily worn by different personalities to create the perfect balance of an outfit. Heavy and stiff materials create beautiful armour on the outside with a soft inner core.
Obscur is a language for the creator, a language intended to express a certain view of the world and a reaction. A reaction to the impureness and inconsistency that surrounds us.