Thursday, January 12, 2012


Name: Aysha Bilgrami
Birth Date:
11 June 1986

Nationality: Colombia/Pakistan/Usa
Profession: Creative/Fashion Designer
Place of Residence: Bogotá/ Milano

When and what made you start your own blog?
2 years ago. It was during my first internship. All my research was done on magazines and blogs, I started to collect a huge amount of images on my computer and cramming up my agenda with magazine scraps, designer references and trend notes, I desperately needed a new place to put them all. Then I stumbled across Style Bubble, her blog was so balanced between her personal style and style notes that it inspired me to create my little corner in the web about me and my likings.

Explain your blog for someone who has never visited it before.
It is a little hole in the blogsphere where my rabbit and I show off and document our colorful outfits, creations and my daily life as a creative in the city of Milan. You can find a vast range of images of all the vintage markets I go to, things I see around the city or during my travels, anything that catches my eye on fashion,music, design, art or photography.

How would you explain your own sense of style?
I am everything but minimal, the contrary, quite excessive and loud this also being because of my Latin background and to add to that I am also a vintage maniac. It comes from my scavenger hunts in my grandmother and mother's closets where pieces of the 70's, 80's and early 90's use to prance around, so colorful quirky prints, silk blouses, pleated skirts, high waisted pants and shoulder pads became key pieces in my wardrobe, complimented by large amounts of self made and ethnic jewellery. But mostly the 80's is what I truly identify with and clearly you can see it on every inch of my body and personality.

What is currently inspiring you?
The Jane Fonda workout videos, I am in the mood of tonning up and the mix of the background trashy tunes and all that bright spandex pumps me up! I have also been quite obsessed with leather after re watching a while ago Blade Runner and Olivia Newton John in Grease , since i have been bumping into it everywhere. I have created a little collection helping me to add a stronger touch to my look. And last but not least, the Burberry Men and Womans F/W10 collections. The brand just keeps renewing itself and at the same time making a strong heritage statement. Those jackets and coats are to die for they definitely will be the key pieces of the season.

Do you have a favorite blog post(s) or subject(s) to post about?
I actually don't have a favorite post or topic. There are some posts of some of my outfits that I have spontaneously shot at 3am with insomnia that I really enjoyed, other than that, I like the posts that create feedback. I like to get a reaction, good or bad.

6. Volume is...
something of great magnitude .