Thursday, January 12, 2012


NAME: Cristina Beavers
LOCATION: Columbus, Ohio USA

Blog names are often very creative and unique. How did you come up with yours?
Basically, I am very close to a few girls and we call ourselves "The Babes". We enjoy each others company and the simple things. Wine nights, going out, good girl talks etc. So whenever we would try to meet up we would say lets have a "sesh" as in "session" of hanging out. I wanted to create a blog that all girls can relate too. Posts that they would talk about with their own friends.

Explain your blog for someone who has never seen it before.
Babe sesh covers topics about anything most girls can relate or like to talk about. Covering topics about fashion trends gone wrong to images that inspire me as an individual especially as a woman. Whether it is a photo of a beautiful girl with big wavy hair and bright red lips to photo's of Wild Fox Couture's latest lookbook collection.

What made you start blogging? How did it all start?
Well, since I was young I always kept a journal by my side. I loved writing things that inspired me and things that I thought were significant in my daily life. Many of my friends always told me I should start a blog since I love fashion and writing so I thought I would give it a try. I always love a good read so I wanted to provide that to others that felt the same way.
How would you describe your sense of style? Who / what do you look to for inspiration? 
I feel that my sense of style constantly changes. Since fashion trends change I feel that my style changes up a little every now and then. I love classic pieces and mixing it with a little something new. When it comes to inspiration I think the majority comes from street style. I like looking at individuals and seeing how they put certain pieces together. From contemporary to grunge it is all an inspiration to me. As long as I feel confident and feel just right I know I have accomplished an outfit.

Three things you currently can't live without AND three things you are itching to have but are currently living without!?
First thing are my Jeffrey Campbell black wedges, my dark denim levis, and my vintage top from my boyfriends dad's old band from Cali back in the mid 80's. These three things I can either wear out shopping during the day or out for drinks with my girl friends. I feel comfortable and sexy. The three things I am itching and am in need in my wardrobe are: a pair of Prada sunglasses (baroque from Summer 2011 collection), an all black leather jacket, and a ring from Bijules NYC rock collection. These 3 "needs" need to be in my wardrobe in the future. 

You are also part of a group Milk + Syrup. Give us the Milk + Syrup bio. 
About 6 months ago I was asked by the team of Milk + Syrup, a well known blog in Columbus, Ohio to write for their women's section. It is a group of talented guys that are music artists, Dj's, photographers, and just inspired by traveling and fashion. We cover a variety of topics that people enjoy to read and even promote really great events that happen in Ohio.

Are there any future projects/events for Milk + Syrup and Babe Sesh?
As of right now we are working on doing a collab with the two.  Basically when I write for MnS I incorporate a lot of my Babe Sesh style to my posts.

List three blogs you follow religiously.
WHAT THE HELLZ (  - a great blog from the women's street brand "Hellz Bellz" from the heart of California. This is the blog I sit down at a coffee shop and scroll down the pages for hours. It screams girl power and good reads.
SEA OF SHOES (  - Writer and stylist Jane Aldridge from Texas personal blog. Her style is incredible.
BETSEY JENNIFER (  - Betsey is a well known blogger in the states. She writes about her inspirations, her style, and anything else that is enjoyable to read.

Describe the word VOLUME in your own words. What does VOLUME mean to you?
When I think of the word VOLUME, I think turn up the music louder. I think I need more of this good beat.